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Погледнете како оваа ФИТ жена прави склекови без раце?! (ВИДЕО)

Се работи за фитнес инструкторката Хати Бојдл која докажува дека и жените можат да бидат јаки. На сите мажи да ви е срам што ве мрзи да трчате 100 метри 🙂


Today was the last day of our training block for 6/12/25. We ended up doing 5 weeks of this program with some strength numbers in our sights and because we were continuing to progress we figured there was no point changing. It was a great session that really tested our limits. We finished with these numbers: Barbell hip thrust: 200kg Set 1 200kg x 6 reps Set 2 200kg x 6 reps Set 3 200kg x 8 reps Set 4 200kg x 8 reps Set 5 200kg x 10 reps I finished my AMRAP with 2 sets of 170kg for 25 reps 🤢 My Nordic drop progression over the last 5 weeks has blown me away. This session i was able to double my amount of unassisted reps performed from last week! Set 1 : 4 x unassisted + 2 assisted (shown) Set 2: 4 x unassisted + 2 assisted Set 3: 3 x unassisted + 3 assisted Set 4: 2 x unassisted + 4 assisted. I was well and truly fried by then. = 12 unassisted nordics. Truly grateful to have been able to finish this program with great training partners @jeanjacquesbarrett @hopeobin @yourhealthyhedonista who also hit some awesome PB’s! 11 weeks out from the @wbff_official World Titles! @paul_dillett @allisondillett @wbff_official #thesportsmodelproject #bethebestversionofyou #bethehardestworkerintheroom #hattieboydle #WBFFPro #love

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